Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays to all my friends and family out there!  Its been an interesting week here in TCI.  Our supervisor has gone home to Canada for Christmas, a well deserved vacation.  And we now know the world does end when the boss is away! Our beautiful new 2010 ambulance has gone kaput.  It has been having some engine troubles and is due for its turn for service as soon as the green ambulance is out of the shop.  Now there has been a battle over the garage for a while and the service is no longer going to the Government Garage but now to an acutal shop. Who has wisely decided not to release the vehicle till they get paid.

Which brings us back to the new truck, the electrical system is out. That includes our lights and sirens so we can't use it.  Since the back up ambulance is still at the shop, we are now in Big Red.  Or as I like to call it, the Beast. A massive frieghtliner that actually has the designation Medical Attack Vehicle on the side.  Huge, awkward and crummy shocks.  Sweet ride.

Work wise it has been fairly uneventful week. Had one call that turned out to be nothing, and a parkview moment picking up a drunk passed out at a concert.  Though these people can party, concert was still going at five in the morning. I ended up working a 24 hour shift over Christmas but didn't even have a single call so I got a decent nights sleep in our new base.  We finally have our own building, just has no furniture yet.  Two matteresses on the floor and a microwave. But better then sleeping in the ambulace!

Christmas day I was working with my friend, and his girlfriend is visiting so she was allowed to ride with us.  The day actually started very nicely with breakfast made by his grandmother. It was very nice, and she even had a gift for me.  The day was uneventful but after our shift we all went back to her house for dinner which was nice.

It was a bit sad for me, first Christmas away from home. I do miss my family, a lot. And of course my Guinness too cause she is who comforts me! But your not here to listen to me whine, I did get to Skype with my family and we did a little bit of gift exchange via the internet.

So I am back on some days off, which means back on the beach.  It sounds awesome but man it is getting boring! On a plus note, there are a couple med students working here from McGill that are pretty cool.  I am looking forward to hanging out with them before they go home mid month.  Even if it is just relaxing on the beach, its nice to have people to talk to!

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