Sunday, 11 December 2011

I Have a Guest

My Uncle, came for a visit last week. He timed the vacation with my schedule, he arrived inbetween my night shifts so he had some time to settle in while I slept, then we had four days together.  Well, three.  I spent a lot of that first day sleeping off the night shift!

We had a fairly chill day first, went to the beach for some snorkeling. As I've said I have a pretty good spot here, and this time I'm fairly sure we saw a barracuda.  It was pretty long, I heard someone guess about five feet.  He was pretty cool, just swimming in place, kinda hovering there.  As well as lots of other fish, Yellow Tails, parrot fish and lots I don't have a name for - including the ones I call Dory Fish. (If you dont get it, you need to see Finding Nemo.)

The next day we decided to take the ferry to North Caicos, from there we rented a car so we could drive over the causeway to Middle Caicos.  Middle is the largest of the islands in the TCI, but has a population of about 200. North is also pretty big but only holds about 1,500. The islands built a causeway between the two islands in 2008.  In 2009 it was ruined by a hurricane.  Sucks doesn't it.  The causeway is still passible, but it is in terrible shape.

Over on Middle our first stop was Mudjin Harbour.  Advertised as one of the most beautiful places in the world, and it was! The most spectacular view I have ever seen.  Fabulous crystal blue water along rocky cliffs and sweeping beaches. That day the water was very rough so waves were breaking over Dragon Cay. Following a path we found a staircase through a cavern to the beach. I just loved it, and have tons of pictures up on facebook now. There is a resort right there, Blue Horizon.  I would love to stay there someday!

Next we drove along and stopped at the Indian Cave, a beautiful cavern with these amazing tree roots that stretch down like ropes. Continuing along the road we looked at a couple of villages and stopped at a beach outside of Bombarra for a quick look around.  The next stop was back up the road to Conch Bar and a stop at Daniels Cafe.  The fish on the menu didn't appeal to me, though the cook Devon, Daniels son, fed us thick slices of the most fabulous bread I have ever had.  Seriously considering going back, just for the bread.  As well as some pieces of fried Conch and fish.

Driving back over to North with the plans of finding a nice beach we hit some bad luck as the bad weather moved in.  Just has we got to Horsestable Beach the rain did too.  Making the most of our remaining time before catching the ferry we found a viewing spot at the Flamingo pond.  We were able to spot a few flamingos and a white heron too.  They were pretty far so the pictures aren't too great, but also on facebook.  Also spotted in the village of Kew was Liza, the last donkey left on North Caicos.  She was just trimming the grass along the side of the road.

Sunday was kayaking day, we got picked up and driven to the Leeward Marina on the north east side of the island. It was myself and my unlce in one kayak with another couple in the other and guide solo in a third.  We paddled out from the marina to Mangrove Cay, where, as you can guess, was tons of mangroves.  We paddled along various paths through the mangroves looking for wildlife. Our guide for a conch and pulled it out, as well he spotted a manta ray right by the other kayak but I only spotted its splash. 

After the mangroves we paddled across to the Little Water Cay, spotting lots of big red starfish too.  We pulled into a beach on the cay for a break and a snack.  On this cay is where the TCI iguanas live.  We found a couple, and then a whole bunch came running over.  They apparently expect to be fed by the people who come by.  But it was a windy day and no one much felt like swimming. It was a beautiful spot for pictures. Next we were supposed to land on another part of Little Water Cay to see more of the iguanas, but it was late so we ended up paddling back to the marina.

That was the end of my vacation, I had to go back to work but my uncle had a few more days to enjoy the beach and the sun.  For one day he rented a bicycle and was able to explore the island on his own- and help pick me up some groceries!  It would be nice to rent a bicyle, I am starting to think I will have to try that myself. Maybe on my next set of days off.

So that was our vacation, though it ended with an agonising moral dilemma.  he left a little christmas gift for me. And I am dying to open it!

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  1. It sounds like you're having WAY too much fun out there. :)