Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Backlog Blog

Hey All.  Well it has been a busy week for me so now I am falling behind in my blogging, so I guess its time to catch up. After my last series of shifts I had my usual four days off.  They weren't too eventful, except I did get some more snorkeling in.  I went out one day with a friend, and I saw a big grey fish swimming along. My first thought was "shark!" Which was followed by "oh you paranoid tourist."  Well, actually the next day one of the other hotel guest I have been chatting with was telling me about the Nurse Shark that had been seen in the area. Don't worry too much, they are apparently herbavors.

After going back to work I had a fairly uneventful few shifts.  One evening got a bit chaotic including having a crew at a soccer game, vehicles blocking the emergency access to the field and a car accident during shift change.  It was a two car head on collison, but one of the drivers ran away. That apparently happens a lot with the number of unlicenced cab drivers.

My night shifts ended with a nice treat, a visitor! My Uncle arrived to entertain me...I mean for a vacation. He has been staying at my place.  We had a fun four days off together, which I will go into more detail later, and then when I had to go back to work he has been entertaining himself. The weather hasn't been too great today and yesterday. Lots of wind and rain. It isn't so bad when you are on an ambulance.  Less enjoyable when you are on a beach!

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