Tuesday, 20 December 2011

And We Have Friends...

My Sunday contiued to be entertaining.  my friend and I went out to the pub to see our boss play.  We got there late as he was wrapping up but he treated us to one last song before settling in to join us for a beer.  After the band finished we walked back over to Jimmy's.  We found a lot of the guys from last night were back, and met some new people - including a woman I had met on the beach that moring who is living in my hotel too.  Its a very small island.

We all hung out well into the night. Pretty much the latest I have been out since I got here.  It was great!  It is great to be making connections on the island too. One of the guys is working to set up a dive company, I am hoping to be one of the first customers in the new year!

We are also short a driver right now, one guy has gone home to see his mother in Haiti for a couple weeks.  Not having any extra employees the other drivers have been putting in a lot of extra hours so I have offered to pick up some shifts.  While I am pretty comfortable driving during the day, I have to admit at night it is a bit freaky.  With no streetlights it is harder to remember which side of the road and the on coming headlights always look like they are in the wrong lane.  So everyone was a bit curious at me offering to drive.

I offered to work the shifts with my friend, he is comfortable acting as the driver during the night shifts.  We had a pretty quiet night last night.  The one interesting call was a man who got attacked with a machete.  Unfortunately we were halfway to the call when we found out they went to the hospital by a private vehicle. 

Today was back to the beach for the morning, it was a lovely sunny day which was nice after some bad weather.  This afternoon I was picked up and went to the hospital for a bit of training for the EMS and Nursing staff.  It was on ECG interpretation and run by my boss.  It was mostly review for myself and some of the nurses who came, but it was great for some of the staff including one of the drivers who really hasn't studied much on medicine but is very interested in what happens on the truck.

I have also got more pictures up.  For those of you who know about my photo project with Robbie Bear I have started a flikr page for him.  If you go to flikr.com and search for people named Robbie-Bear you will find all his pictures that I have been taking this year.

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