Monday, 21 May 2012

Im Back!

Hey! Well after three months at home in Canada, I am back! I have gotten a full time offer here on the island and who can turn down paradise! I got my life packed up and put in storage back home, my cat dropped off with my grandma and flew back to the Turks and Caicos where I got welcomed with a bang!

I was picked up at the airport by my boss, and on our way to my hotel an emergency call came in. he fluctuated between going to the call and taking me home, and as it seemed serious we jumped on it.  Not even on the island for an hour and I was driving the ambulance lights and sirens to the hospital! Nice to be needed!

I got settled back in to the Reef Residence while apartment hunting, unfortunately am not having much luck with that.  What I have been able to find is either too expensive or out of the area I am hoping to live.  Though one night while walking to my room after a shift I was chatting with a man walking around- who turns out to own the hotel and has given me a great rate for the low season.  So I have settled into the Reef and started unpacking!

Back at work everything started slow, I was asked to work with another medic for a bit of training, but due to some complicating factors that ended after a couple shifts.  Unfortunately we are a little short staffed right now for drivers, and for two of my shifts I don't have a driver. Luckily we have some great volunteers that help out when they can.

I have had a few interesting calls since I have been back. A couple car accidents, but without serious injuries despite the cars being totaled.  Islanders bounce I swear. We had another woman in labour, luckily this time made it to the hospital about twenty minutes before the baby showed!

The weather here has been fairly bad, so many thunderstorms and cloudy days.  But it is HOT! And everyone keeps reminding me it'll just get hotter.  I'm already melting. It's going to be a long summer. I have been able to enjoy a couple of nice beach days, though I do have to be careful with this hot sun! Still, it is absolutely beautiful here!