Wednesday, 23 November 2011


I went back to work early for a 24hr shift.  TCI EMS is a little short staffed for drivers, only two right now for a 24 hour truck leads to a few scheduling problems.  I picked up a night shift with my friend, and it was a busy shift! We started the night parked on the street near the pub listening to a band play - just cause you can't sit in a bar on duty doesn't mean you can't listen from the sidewalk. Our first call happend early in the evening, a fainting episode at a restaurant near by.  The night eased off and I got a couple hours sleep before being startled awake with another call.  Single vehicle vs building.  Building won.  One passenger without a seat belt, he actually wasn't too badly hurt, though a nasty broken arm.

We spent the morning with me driving.  This normally doesn't sound like a big deal, I can drive. I've driven ambulances before.  But since its a British territory everyone drives on the left.  And being so close to the states most of the cars are designed for driving to the right.  Its confusing.  And lets throw in bad drivers and worse roads, and round abouts. Its a bit nerve wracking.  To top it off while I was driving we got another call, so I got my first chance to drive lights and sirens.  This was a bad call too, guy hit by a baseball bat. There was nasty swelling across his neck and jaw.

We also had a transfer towards the end of the shift, picked up a man coming home from surgury in the Bahamas.  It decided to rain that day so I got soaked while we decided the best way to unload him from the plane.  Luckily since it is so warm here I dried off pretty quickly.

I worked my next three shifts, one more day and the two nights, with Phillip.  It was extremely uneventful.  Just one transfer on the last night.  I spent part of Sunday driving, and exploring more of Provo.  On the south side we found the kiteboarders out.  It was so much fun to watch, tally that up as something else I want to learn while I'm here!

I did pick up a snorkel set, there is some reefs just off my beach.  I've been out a couple times.  I have seen some colourful fish so far. The water has been a bit rough, but today was smoother so I am excited to get back on the beach and try again.

I've been taking lots of pictures, but you may not get to see them till I get home.  The USB card reader I brought has decided to stop working so I can't upload my pictures.  Very frustrating. 

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