Friday, 11 November 2011

Diving In

Well I had two days off, I did a little sight seeing on the beach and waiting around for someone to drive me to do some errands.  Eventually the ambulance came and got me to get some paperwork done.  We got to the government building a little after three.  It was closed.  We never did figure out if they had closed early or just hadn't come back from lunch yet.

This morning I was picked up at 7:00 for my first shift. I was working with another EMT who doubles as a driver since the couple guys we have are really over worked.  Since my partner was pulling a double he dropped me off at the ER to get to know the staff while he napped for a couple hours.  Not much going on, but I got to chat with the staff who are from all over the place. About noon we went for lunch at another nice little spot on the beach.

After a routine transfer, as we were driving down the main road, wondering why the traffic was suddenly coming to a stop, we realize a big accident had just occured.  Car vs Motorcycle.  Started with the cyclist, confused with bits of helmet visible in the road and lots of blood.  Our guy also had a very broken arm.  Looked like the scene in Harry Potter when he looses all the bones in his arm!  Luckily the accident happened in front of a private clinic so the staff took care of the passengers of the vehicle.  It was a big, interesting, bloody mess. Took awhile to scrub everything clean - including ourselves.

We followed that up with a minor who got drunk at school.  Thought I came down here to get away from the drunk calls? Two more transfers that night, one was taking one of the car accident patients to the hospital for follow up.  We picked up the night crew and got to go home. 

Now its time for a beer and a snack, before back at it tomorrow! 

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