Saturday, 16 February 2013

Salt Cay Continues

Sunday afternoon we had some great fun, while one friend and I were diving, the other three rented bikes to explore the island.  They met us back at the cottage where we were having a light lunch and some wine.  That turned into mimosas with strawberries! Delicious!

I wanted to do some exploring too, so one of the girls went biking with me. We headed east across the island.  We rode past the airport - and donkeys, chickens and cows!  A large part of the middle of the island has a saltina where they used to produce salt.

At the end of the road was the islands water cistern, there was a nice view of the ocean on all sides. Salt Cay is very flat with just a couple high points so the views can be spectacular.  On the ride back, we found the ruins of a little resort. Now when I say ruins, they are very recent. Windmills was sold to a big developer. Almost immediately after the place was torn up by a hurricane.  Since the new people were planing on bulldozing it anyways they told the locals to take anything they wanted so it was stripped of the fixtures.  Nothing has been done since but it still has a very bright paint job so it was a fantastic place to take pictures.

On Sunday nights Coral Bar does BBQ ribs, we were booked in and looking forward to it. Just as we were all getting ready to leave, a massive downpour hit. This lead to some hilarity as everyone rushed to get jackets or garbage bags to cover up with.  Of course by the time pictures were done being taken the rain had stopped.  Which is a good thing as the cafe was almost entirely open!

The ribs were delicious and we chatted with another tourist who was travelling alone, she had come for the diving.  We met a lot of people, everyone was very friendly there and exchanged a lot of email address so we could all trade whale pictures!

Monday was the last day, :(  We had a bit more relaxing morning and after breakfast went to sit by the beach.  There were still a lot of waves, which made for some cool photo opportunities, but our little spot on the beach had some high rocks about 20ft out so there was a little calm spot to relax in the water.

After more Mimosas at lunch it was time to pack up and head back to the airport.  As we boarded our little plane back to Provo I was reminded that you can never really escape work for long, my boss was waiting in the plane!  He'd actually been in Grand Turk for meetings and just happened to catch the same plane back.  Who new I'd run into a familiar face while visiting an island with so few people on it!

Sadly the vacation was over, but I got to remember all the fun we had as I sorted through the 900 pictures on my cameras that night.  It took a while!


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