Sunday, 2 December 2012

Moving Day

Back in May when I moved down here to Provo, I was apartment hunting while staying at the Reef Residence hotels.  I was lucky enough, that they offered to let me stay in my room for the low season for a very good price. 

Well the low season has come to an end and I had to move on. It took a lot of time but I found a nice place that balances between really expensive and really crappy.  I got a Junior One Bedroom at the Queen Angel Resort overlooking Turtle Cove. Its very nice, just not quite as close to the beach as I was before!

The actual move went fairly well, I don't have much stuff here so I packed it all up pretty quickly. I had to work on my moving day, but luckily I was able to get someone to cover my shift.  I also had friends who offered to help, but the manager at the resort let me use his truck so everything went quickly.

Of course nothing can ever go perfectly for me! It was bright and sunny when I headed over to the resort to pick up my keys, and when we drove back. But when all my boxes were loaded in the back of the truck, they sky decided to let loose a torrential downpour. Great. So we went racing back, and the staffer who was helping called everyone to come help. Everything got pretty damp but the boxes were double walled so nothing was ruined.

At that point I had to go back to the Reef for my last couple things and to turn in my keys and the rain keeps coming. And I don't think there is a city in the world where you can get a cab in the rain. I ended up trudging most of the way before I got a sympathetic ride.

The rain had eased up by this point, until my friend and I went to load the last few items in her car. They skies just opened up again and didnt ease up for about an hour. Though once we got to my new place, my balcony is a good place to sit and watch the rain with a cup of tea!

My bad luck with the rain didn't end there either.  That night I was walking down to Turtle Cove to meet a friend for dinner when, yup, it started to pour again. Luckily I was wearing my rain jacket but its the first time I've ever gone to a restaurant and been given a towel by the manager!


  1. Nice for the manager. Such is life, I can't wait to see your new place

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