Saturday, 10 November 2012

Playing Catch Up

Hello All,
Well it has been a long time since I have written here, I had a rough month in July which a few of you will have heard about. Not having much cheerful to write about I just decided not to.  Then I got lazy, then I kept meaning to and was forgetful.

Well, no more excuses! Its bloggin time, and I will try and catch you all up on the last few months of my life!

So back to July. As I mentioned my boss decided to take a little vaction and go home to Canada to have a baby with his wife. I was given the dubvious honour of becoming the Acting Supervisor in his place. It was a great experience at least, and will make my resume look awesome.

But clearly this island loves hi cause all hell broke loose when he left! The trucks starting breaking down one by one. Then I had huge staffing shortages, which led to a few 80hr work weeks for me. And we suddenly got tons of serious calls! This island only has about 25,000 people, acording to statistics we had about 20 cardiac arrest calls in the first six months of 2012. And seven of them happened in the six weeks I was in charge! Then we add in several serious car accidents and I was just waiting for a plane to fall out of the sky.

Well that was July, a mostly dismal month with a few bright spots, I had a lovely birthday, I went out to dinner with a few of the friends I had made here. Also hung out a few times with a Canadian Nursing student I had met at the hospital.

Well thankfully my boss did come back and not a minute too soon in my opinion. Arriving back on island at the begining of August it gave me a perfect opportunity to escape for a few days and indulge one of my passions. The Toronto Blue Jays. Bless who ever did the 2012 schedule, cause my boys were in Tampa Bay for a series over my days off. So I flew to Tampa to give my self a well earned treat.