Saturday, 10 November 2012

Lets Go Blue Jays!

So I decided to spoil myself with a long weekend in Tampa Bay. I had a fairly short trip over, though I did have to layover in Miami. Ick. I stayed in a Hilton in St Petersburg for a couple nights that had a Playball package. It included a ride to and from the game and some "Tropicana Money" to use at the field.

I arrived in the afternoon and had about an hour to settle in before I headed over the the field. I had bought a ticket right down by home plate and was pretty excited. I got to the stadium for gates because I wanted to watch batting practice and try for some autographs. I only managed one that day from Omar Visquel. I did get to chat with a bunch of other Jays fans at the game, and with Barry Davis from Sportsnet. I'd met him before since he is friends with a coworker back home.

The game was great, except the Toronto loosing part. But I was sitting next to a really friendly woman who has seasons tickets. I also went for a long wander around the stadium. Its a bit blah but it has its nice parts. Like boneless wings.  Mmmmm, I'd missed wings.

I also ended up chatting with random people along my way, including an usher who had offered to take my picture. During our chat I mentioned I had worked at the SkyDome as a medic and he flagged down the stadiums doc as he walked by and I got a tour of their first aid facilites. It was great to be around nice and cheerful people!

After the game I caught the shuttle back to the hotel, mostly packed with other visiting Jays fans. I ended up chatting with some guys who were in town on business. We ended up going out for food and a few drinks. The night ended at a small local bar, and in walked Jessie Litch (a pitcher for the Jays) and I got to talk with him a bit. Nice guy, he even bought us a round of drinks!

The next day started early with my free buffet breakfast. Yum, then my friend Nicole came over and she and I went to another game! This time we bought some cheaper tickets on the upper deck, though it was empty enough we were back in my old section by the end of the game!

It was a lot of fun to watch the game and hang out with a friend, it was an afternoon game so we went for a drink after and some sushi for dinner! It was a fun day. I only had the two nights in Tampa, so the next morning was departure day. I got up early again for the free breakfast then found a salon to get my haircut before heading back to the Turks and Caicos well rested and happy again.

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