Thursday, 26 January 2012

Who needs a Vacation?

Hello, well its been awhile since I wrote, but I have been busy! I did have my second dive day, we took the boat out to West Caicos, it wasn't actually a nice day.  But once you get under the water its a lot calmer. I had a new dive instructer for this day and another student which wasn't as great as having my own instructor! We still had a pretty good day, saw lots of fish, sharks and a huge turtle! He was so cool, just chilling and eating along the ocean floor!

So I am now an officially certifed Open Water Diver! Now I just to live in a place with great diving - I guess that goes in the Pro list on my Should I come back to Provo list!!

My shifts that week weren't too eventful. I did get another call for a woman who's water had broken and with constant contractions.  Luckily it was slightly exaggerated and I got her to the hospital without the baby being born.  Once was enough for me!!

Last week we did have a rough day, got called out to the Beaches resort for a woman who had managed to fracture her leg pretty badly.  They had a nurse on staff, unfortunately she didn'g give any painkillers so my patient was in agony for the transfer, and oh what a transfer!  By the time we got her loaded in the vehicle, we discovered it wouldn't start.  Apparently the ambulance really wanted a vacation! So it stayed at Beaches while we loaded the woman in the back of a suburban which really sucked. 

On a more interesting note, she was Canadian and a flight nurse from Toronto ended up coming down to escort her home, but I never found out who! I just thought it was hilarious that one of my co-workers might have been down here!

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